Elenco corsi a.a. 2015/2016
Anno accademico 2015/2016

Bioetica RA0602

Sede di Gerusalemme
Secondo semestre


The course will examine significant issues in the area of medical and health care ethics. After establishing the governing principles based on an adequate understanding of the human person, it will apply these to bioethical areas such as human reproduction and genetics, the human embryo and to health care and end-of-life issues.


Main topics: Human Person - Fundamental Principles of Bioethics; Human Reproduction: Human Sexuality, Natural Reproduction, Assisted Reproduction, Natural Regulation of Birth and Artificial Contraception, Sterilization; Human Genetics: Human Genome, Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Human Cloning and Stem-cell research; Human Embryo: Abortion, Prenatal Diagnosis, Interventions on the Human Embryo; End of Life issues: Euthanasia, Aggressive Medical Treatment, Palliative Care, Brain Death and Organ Transplants. Learning Outcomes: • At the end of the course the students will have adequate knowledge of the Catholic bioethical Magisterium. They will also be able to make a pastoral application of authentic moral principles when facing difficult bioethical issues.


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