Elenco corsi a.a. 2012/2013
Anno accademico 2012/2013

Patrologia 1 RA0801

Sede di Gerusalemme
Primo semestre


Introduction to Patrology and role-service of the Fathers and the Early Christian writers for the development of the Church life. Tradition, history of exegeses, history of theological thought, and ecumenical movement. Sources and methodology for studying Patrology. Special focus will be given to the relationship of the Fathers with the formation of the Canon and the Scripture exegesis, and the relationship between Jews and Christians. II and III century: the Church reflects on her identity and the Apostolic Fathers. The Church and her relationship with the Greek-Roman culture, including philosophy, society and politics: Justin and the Apologist Fathers. Irenaeus of Lyons and the Historical Theology of God made flesh against Gnosticism. III century: the first Biblical study centre in Alexandria of Egypt and subsequently in Caesarea of Palestine. Unity between exegesis and Theology. Africa and Carthage: Tertullian’s Theology and Cyprian’s Ecclesiology.


Textbook: DROBNER H.R., The Fathers of the Church: a comprehensive Introduction, Peabody, 2005. DI BERARDINO A. (ed.), Encyclopaedia of the Early Church, 2 vols, 1992. QUASTEN J., Patrology 1-4 vols., 1963 onwards. SIMONETTI M., Bible interpretation in the Early Church, 2001. WILLS J.R.-ROUET DE JOURNEL M.J., The teachings of the Church Fathers, 2002.