Elenco corsi a.a. 2015/2016
Anno accademico 2015/2016

Diritto Canonico 4 RA0904

Sede di Gerusalemme
Secondo semestre


To acquire a basic knowledge of the theological doctrine and canonical praxis about marriage.


A. Canonical laws on marriage: introductory canons; pastoral care and the prerequisites for the celebration of marriage; diriment impediments in general; individual diriment impediments; matrimonial consent; form of the celebration of marriage; mixed marriages; secret celebration of marriage; effects of marriage; the separation of spouses; dissolution of the bond; separation while the bond remains; validation of marriage; simple validation; retroactive validation. B. Certain matrimonial process: cases concerning the declaration of nullity of marriage; cases concerning the separation of spouses; process for the dispensation from a ratified and non-consumated marriage; process in the case of the presumed death of a spouse. Learning Outcomes: • Students will acquire basic knowledge of the scriptural teachings, the theological doctrines and the juridical norms about marriage. • The acquisition of the general knowledge will help the students to: interpret basic ecclesiastical doctrine and laws about marriage and be enabled to apply them in day-to-day cases in their ministry.


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