Elenco corsi a.a. 2013/2014
Anno accademico 2013/2014

Don Bosco, fondatore RA1003

Sede di Gerusalemme
Primo semestre


Upon completion of this course, students will have reflected on Don Bosco’s founding charism. They will gain a detailed historical knowledge of the sequence of events leading to the foundations, and an appreciation for Don Bosco’s role in the foundation of the three original branches of the Salesian Family. These objectives will be met by 1. Prior reading of the handouts by each student 2. Active participation in all classes 3. Expositions by the professor.


1. Founding charisms in the church 2. Don Bosco’s founding charism 3. Don Bosco’s early knowledge of religious life 4. From the establishment of the Oratory to the founding of the Salesian Congregation 5. The founding moment (18 December 1859) 6. Don Bosco’s role in the founding of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians 7. Don Bosco and the founding of the Salesian Cooperators 8. The role of Mary in the founding of the three original branches of the Salesian Family.


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