Elenco corsi a.a. 2017/2018
Anno accademico 2017/2018

Teologia pastorale RA1101

Sede di Gerusalemme
Secondo semestre


General Objective: Offer theoretical foundations for particular pastoral activities, as well as for further studies of specialization. Specific Objectives: - Explore the historical roots of Pastoral Theology as a proper form of theological reflection, linked, on the one hand, to biblical, systematic, moral, and spiritual theological traditions, and on the other, to human, personal and social activities. - Study the current understandings of Pastoral Theology from a specific Catholic approach. - Clarify the terms “pastoral” and “practical”, and the question of which is more appropriate to refer to the discipline. - Provide a theological pastoral mind-set for ministry.


Course Outline: 1. Part I, Historical: Pastoral work in the light of the Bible and Church history; beginning and development of Pastoral Theology in Protestant and Catholic areas before the Second Vatican Council; continuity and novelty at the Second Vatican Council; following perspectives. 2. Part II, Fundamental: Pastoral Theology and Practical Theology; disciplinary identity, material and formal objects, areas of action and dimensions; methods. 3. Part III, Thematic: Criteria and addresses for pastoral ministry in Evangelii gaudium; pastoral activities and pastoral conversion; models of pastoral work; pastoral challenges in urban contexts; pastoral projects and plans. Learning Outcomes: - The students, who have already been involved in pastoral experiences and offices, will acquire a critical awareness of both their theoretical grounds as well as their present challenges. - They will be competent in drafting a pastoral plan for a particular context adapted to its real situation and aiming at a viable change.


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